Accem es una ONG que trabaja con personas refugiadas, migrantes y en situación o riesgo de exclusiÃ...
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Accem in figures

Accem implements and manages different programmes financed by public and private european, national, regional or local institutions through diverse subventions, agreements and contracts.


The main funding source comes from the Spanish government as a result of the Ministry of Labour and Immigration's Nominative Resolution dated on 16/04/2010 for the implementation of a program directed to immigrants, asylum seekers, refugees and stateless.


After the execution of each program we perform an economic and technical evaluation sent to the corresponding financial partners. Accem's annual accounts are audited following the Association Law 2/200 that guarantees the transparency and coherent use of the financial resources assigned to each programme.







Currently Accem's team comprises 1.095 members, 439 of which represent the staff employed, 122 are collaborators and 544 volunteers. This group works with commitment and determination and is considered the main pillar of the organization making possible the duty developed by Accem.


We support and enhance interculturalism and equality within our own staff: 73% are women and 12% are foreigners (this percentage increases if we take into account the Spanish nationalized persons from third countries).