Accem es una ONG que trabaja con personas refugiadas, migrantes y en situaci√≥n o riesgo de exclusi√...
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Accem is an N.G.O., a Non-profit Making Organisation that provides attention and reception to refugees and immigrants in Spain promoting its social and labour integration, as well as equal rights and duties of everyone regardless of its origin, sex, race, religion, opinions or social group.


Since February 1991, Accem is registered as Non-profit Making Organisation in the Minister of Interior, with the number 97.521. Nevertheless, its course of development and experience on the support and help areas towards the refugees and migrants dated from half of the past century.


Accem shows itself as a specialized entity on the work linked to the right of asylum and migrations, consolidated and transparent, with a methodology and proven praxis, and with its sights sets on the effective and full social integration of the refugees and immigrants.


Accem guarantees the interculturality and the defence of the fundamental rights in a democratic framework, constituting as a valid interlocutor for the mediation among the different social actors.


Our entity acquires with its work a relevant role on the promotion of the citizenship, with a special attention to the refugees and immigrants communities, looking for the complicity of the social setting and the territory to strength its social leading role.




Our Values


Accem advocates for values that represent the basis and identity of the organization and the guidance that orientates its daily work.


A person is a value in itself in fact the most important; its defence and the defence of the human rights constitute the centre of all the rest values that lies down Accem¬īs path.


Diversity: We do live in a plural and complex society, where the respect and the comprehension towards the others and its acknowledgement and its value should run our relations, as well as the interaction, in this case, between the native population and the migrant one.


Social Justice: Accem promotes the respect and the protection of the rights and liberties of all persons, as well as the equality of opportunities, in a fair and equitative way, understanding that it\'s an obligation of the public powers and an ethic need for all the society.


Nowadays it\'s not possible either to talk about social justice without having into account the necessary commitment with the protection of the environment and a rational exploitation of the natural resources.


On the same way, to talk about social justice requires to discuss about the necessity of a fairer economic system, based on the satisfaction of the common good.


Social Compromise: The compromise meets its clearest expression on the devotion and moral implication of the persons that, in a remunerated or voluntary manner, develop a work that promotes the social change. Only from the commitment, the responsibility and the shared effort by all the levels of the society, it could be developed and implemented and as well as to carry out on good terms the objective of a real and full social integration and a good coexistence.




Our principles


The principles that run Accem way of action are based on the pre-eminence of the persons over the structures, and on the identification with a common way of doing things:


Interculturality: Accem works to favour a space of coexistence where coexists the respect to the cultural identities and values of the migrant population and the reception society, within the framework of the respect to the human rights and the laws in force.


Social Participation: Accem promotes the participation of the migrant persons, and of all members of the society, in terms of equality, looking for the full comparison of rights and duties on the social, political, economical and cultural scopes.


Complementariety: Accem promotes the dialogue, the cooperation and the networking with the public administrative bodies and other civil society actors, optimizing strengths and resources.


Innovation: It bets on criteria as the flexibility, the deep knowledge of the territorial reality, the renovation capacity and the improvement, not only to offer adequate responses to the changing social reality of each moment but to throw out on effective responses to the emerging needs for the medium term.


Transparency: Accem is equipped with an organizational model that offers quality, rigour and truthful information on the management of the resources through internal and external validation mechanisms, offering credibility and reliability.