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Young spaniards in Belgium - JOVE-UNE

Objective of the project

The objective of the project ‚ÄúYoung Spaniards in Belgium ‚Äď JOVE-UNE‚ÄĚ is to articulate a mechanism of socio-labour¬†integration of young Spanish immigrants under 35 years of age.¬†Several actions will be developed in order to promote the integration of these new Spanish migrants (who emigrate with the aim of finding a job and residing in Belgium) in the Belgian labour market.

Development of the project

The programme will develop a meeting space for all the different actors involved in the world of employment. This meeting space will be developed through joint actions which benefit all the parties, depending on their interests: young immigrants, with certain abilities and knowledge, who seek a job; employers who seek workers with a specific professional profile; and trainers who launch specific actions to adapt the candidates’ knowledge to the needs of the labour market.


  • Training courses

This program will provide its beneficiaries with a wide range of training courses in order to facilitate their integration in the labour market. The training courses will be proposed from an individual approach, that is to say, considering the personal characteristics and potentialities of each person.

There will be three types of training courses:

  1. Training for employment: Young people will be provided with information about the Belgian labour market as well as information about training and access to employment resources. Moreover, the programme will offer workshops about social skills, job search techniques, communication and information technologies, etc. 

  2. Language courses:¬†The program will grant scholarships to attend English, French and Dutch courses ‚Äďin-person and on-line‚Äď.¬†

  3. Professional training: The programme will provide its beneficiaries with information about available training resources. Grants will be offered to attend certain training courses. The training courses will be developed by, among others, the Foundation UNED (academic year 2014-2015) and other universities and educative institutions in Belgium.

  • Internship at enterprises

The aim of this line of action is to provide the beneficiaries with an opportunity to put in practice their knowledge in a labour context. As a result, young Spaniards will adapt to the professional environment, that is to say, they will get to know the culture and the work methods, they will establish relationships with their partners and their hierarchical superiors, etc.

Among other actions, the program offers a grant to do an internship at the Delegation of the Confederation of Employers and Industries of Spain (CEOE) before the European(EU), in Brussels.


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